Friday, December 30, 2011

The doctor reviewed his day. He was tired, it had been a busy day, two full surgeries involving limb amputations and joint re-designs and two geldings including one full penectomy and a number of smaller procedures.

Time, he thought for some relaxation. Time to visit his own personal “toy”.
He left his office and walked the corridors to his private apartment that was in one wing of his large establishment set in the countryside. He walked past three, eight bed “wards” containing his victims, checking quickly in each as did, taking in the sight of twenty young men, each of whom had suffered the doctor’s ministrations. Low moans permeated the rooms as the young men who lay in plaster casts and bandages awaited their fate. The doctor smiled to himself. The business was very successful, it had paid for this facility and his experimental activities.

Finally he entered his own quarters. He showered and dressed for a session in his “playroom”. A simple leather jockstrap sufficed. His broad muscular and furry chest revealed by his near nakedness.

He tapped in a pass-code on the door to the playroom from his bedroom. The door slid open.
The room was black, the only noise was that of chains moving, occasionally making a clanking sound as they grated against something. He flicked a switch and a spotlight came on.

In the centre of the room was his personal toy. To someone not aware of what he was looking at, it seemed that a man lay there in a sling but a closer inspection revealed that in fact it there was no sling, the man was directly connected to the chains from which he now swung.

As the doctor approached he could see clearly his young plaything. There he swung in permanent bondage. The boy’s legs and arms had been amputated and bolts attached directly to the stumps. His beautiful blue eyes removed and sold for profit and now replaced by artificial ones that stared blindly into the darkness. His earsdrums excised leaving the boy in total silence and with his larynx cut, silencing his groans permanently. The boy’s teeth had been removed and his jaw adjusted so large objects could pushed down the man’s throat.
His testicles and sac were gone and his once proud member reduced to mere inch leaving his depilated and much enlarged anal hole free for use.

The doctor had turned the man into a living sex-sling, a series of orifices for his personal satisfaction. No groans came from the man. It was not possible for him to make any sound.
The doctor marvelled at his creation. This “toy” had been a great advertisement for his services as well as enjoyable on a personal level. More than one client had enjoyed sessions in the doctor’s playroom.

Now he approached the boy, his large dick aroused by the sight of his powerless victim.
Pulling a whip from a selection that, hidden in the darkness, hung on the wall. A little arse-warming would improve the fuck, he thought, as he tightened the permanent clamps that imprisoned the boy’s nipples. The boy shook as the pain pulsed from his nipples through his body.

Then he mercilessly lashed the boy’s exposed arse. Welts appeared quickly. The boy shook and tried to move away as best he could. Whatever personal hell he lived in the fiery lash from the whipping brought him into the real world of pain and suffering
Then without ceremony or tenderness he entered the boy’s hole. He fucked the boy without mercy.

There was little or no reaction from the victim. If he still could think or felt he could no longer express it. The abuse ended as doctor pumped semen deep into the boy’s arse. The day’s stress relieved he pulled out leaving the boy again just swinging in his endless bondage. The boy’s arse was getting too loose. Maybe he could tighten it or replace the boy with a new one. He could always sell the boy on to one of his clients. There were certainly those who would like to purchase him.

But now he needed to clean up. There were tomorrow’s operations to review and he had a client coming in to discuss a purchase and his requirements, and he knew Lord Highett was always “creative”. His last boy was intensively adjusted. The “boy” had been reshaped into a permanent sculpture, his neck twisted, his arms amputated and then with his legs were broken and reset at specific angles to leave the boy looking like a piece of ancient Greek sculpture. Even the boys genitals had been reduced to match those of Greek sculptures whilst his ribs had been reshaped and two removed to achieve the desired look.
Lord Highett was demanding but paid top price. He was a most valued client. Maybe he would make a gift of his plaything?

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