Friday, December 30, 2011

Steer Story: The Abduction

I am one of a dozen men collected and enslaved together as a group. We’re being kept in a stark white cinderblock room with the lights are always on. Our feeding is erratic so I don’t know how long it’s been since I was abducted, but I’d guess we’ve been held in this pen for at least three and maybe as much as six months. It could be a year or more for all I know. 

How I got to be here is a classic case of naivete. I met a really hot man in a bar. He was all decked out wearing full leather and the best looking guy in the place. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Then he turned his head in my direction. He had these piercing ice blue eyes like laser beams that looked directly into mine from across the room that hooked me.

He gave me a come hither nod of his head that pulled me right over to him. As I got close to him he reached his arm up and put his hand on the back of my neck to draw me near. He said just two words, “Hello boy” in a deeply resonant mellifluous voice. When he had pulled me close enough, his other hand went down and grabbed my ass. Then he ran his hands all over my body like he was checking me out that totally turned me on.

He seemed to be satisfied and giving me a big smile, he then took my head into his gloved hands. I was held riveted to his gaze while he caressed it all over that felt like he was making love to it. Then he kissed me with a deep sucking thrust of his tongue into my mouth that felt like he was pulling my very soul out into him.
When he finally released me, he locked his hypnotic gaze back into my eyes and said, “Yes boy, you are fine specimen. Let’s go now”. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and led me out the door. We left the bar and he told me his vehicle was just around the corner. It was a mirror finish black van that gleamed under the streetlight. He opened the passenger side door and said “Get in. We’re going to my place, right boy?” and I did. He went around to the driver’s side and got into his seat. Then he said “Just one thing we have to do first…” and in an instant before I could register what was happening, he pulled out a syringe and stuck it into my arm.

I didn’t have time to scream before his gloved hand clamped over my mouth and within seconds I was paralyzed. From then, I was fully aware of everything around but couldn’t move a muscle. He looked at me with those penetrating eyes and that incredible smile and said “Boy, you have no idea how different your life will be from now on, but I promise you that it will be the best thing that has ever happened to you. So relax if you can and don’t fight us. The sooner you accept this the easier it will be.”

Then he opened a panel into the cargo area of the van and pushed me into it. I found myself dumped in with a group of 5 or 6 other guys that were immobilized like me. I was panicked with fear that I’d soon be a corpse dumped off the side of a Jersey highway. He pulled away from the curb and from the light that came in through the two small windows on each side of the van, I could see the other guys were in mortal fear like me.
Our abductor drove a few city streets, went through a tunnel and then we were obviously on an Interstate highway. Once he had negotiated the turns and we were cruising, he started to talk to us. He said, “Relax guys, no one is going to hurt you”. I thought I heard him ad an almost audible “much” to the end of that but it was too soft to be sure. He went on and told us that we had been collected for a very special reason. He again assured us we were safe. He told us to try and relax if we could and would explain when we got to the facility. I thought, “What the heck is the facility” but that was the last he spoke to us. He closed the compartment between him and the cargo area and we were sealed off.

The van drove on the Interstate for what seemed like about two hours. There were two highway changes along the way. I had no clue on what direction we were headed. Then we spent what I guessed was another hour on some state or county highway and about a half-hour on a local road. Finally we pulled onto what I guessed was a dirt road from all the bumps and drove on that for maybe ten minutes. At last we pulled into what was obviously a graveled parking area and the guy shut the van off. He opened the interior door a bit and said, “OK guys we’re here. Relax. I have to run in for a minute and will be right back. Then we’ll get you all out quickly and into the facility for preparation”.

We were left there for maybe 5 minutes when I heard a whining sound approach the van. The rear doors were pulled open and two big muscular men in black BDU’s started to unload the other guy’s from the van and professionally transfer us to the back of some sort of electric transport vehicle. Very quickly, the kidnapped men were put in the cargo hold. I was in the back and the last moved to the electric cart. Through all this, neither of the men in black moving us said a word. Nor could we because of the paralysis drug, but I could tell it was starting to wear off.

Remember all through this process, we were fully aware, just immobilized. The cart drove into this large warehouse type space and came to a stop in front of some kind construction that looked like a meat rack. It was. One by one, the black clad silent porters carefully unloaded us from the cart and moved us over to the rack.

We were each shackled and hung naked from the hooks on the rack. Another guy in white came up, slathered all of us paralyzed men with some kind of foaming gel and shaved us all totally hairless. Then another guy with an acetylene torch came and heavy chain collars were permanently welded around each of our necks. Finally yet one more guy came up and our septum’s, nipples, ears and penises were pierced with stainless steel rings inserted and soldered closed. By then I was totally freaked out and crying like a baby.
That whole preparation process took about two hours. By the time all of that was finished, the paralyzing drug had almost worn off. But with the shackles and being hung from the rack, there was nothing we could do. A couple of guys started to yell and curse. The two studs in black beat them with truncheons until they shut up. Once every one of us had been subdued, they took us off the hooks and started moving us into the center of the room with an occasional jolt from an electric cattle prod each one held whenever they thought we weren’t moving fast enough. We got the point fast and were standing naked there with all of our chains and installed piercings.

After a very short wait of not more than two minutes, the guy with the laser blue eyes from the bar came out and gave us his million watt smile again. He looked at each one of us in the eyes one by one holding the gaze for ten seconds or so and began to talk. The following is more or less what he said.

“Welcome slaves. You won’t believe me now, but today is the greatest day of your lives. You have all been selected for special conversion into holes. From today on and for the rest of your lives, your whole purpose for existence will be for use by men to pleasure their cocks. Don’t worry about if you don’t know how or like to, you will be undergoing an intensive training and modification program that will prepare you to spend the rest of your lives for cock service”.

He went on with, “To quote that famous line from Star Trek, ‘Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated’. Each one of you will be modified and trained to be professional holes. Your minds will be reprogrammed so that by the time you are completed, servicing cocks will be your entire goal for your lives. Let me give you an important piece of advice to minimize the pain of getting there. Don’t fight it. The quicker you get with the program, the faster you will be released from all cares in the world other than being used by cocks”.
“I assure you, every single one of you will reach the point where men using your two cock holes will be your sole need and joy in life. Sucking cock and being fucked will be your craving and the total source of all your happiness. Eventually when you are fully trained and modified, you will be sold to a man who will own you for life to serve him. Once you have been purchased, your new owner will use you and make further modifications to suit his needs. Whatever he chooses to do with you will be eagerly submitted to by you because by then, pleasing him will be your greatest desire“.

“Soon to be former men, when we are done preparing you for sale, any other life will be unimaginable to you. You have been taken into the best slave modification program in the world. There is no better system anywhere for preparing hole slaves and the prices you will be sold for will be many times more than for other slaves anywhere”.

“You will be kept in captivity for the period needed to reprogram and adjust you to your modifications for your new life. And when the day comes that you are permitted to once again go out in public, you will be immediately recognized as slaves used by men’s cocks and you will each one of you be proud that people know that is your sole purpose in life”.

“So soon to be former men, congratulations and enjoy the cocks that use you”.
That’s when I noticed the crowd of men circled around our group. There were two kinds. Guys in leather who were all obvious tops and naked hairless men in collars that the tops were holding on leashes. The naked slaves were all enthusiastically cheering and applauding the speech Blue Eyes had just finished giving.
Then I picked up on something else that sent chills down my back. Not one of the naked slaves had genitals. Every single one of them was castrated. Then I thought back to the frequent references Blue Eyes had made about us being modified. With that, the reality of my situation hit home. I wasn’t just a slave, they were intending to castrate me. I screamed and screamed and the two black suited muscle guys rushed over to me, stuck me with a hypo and rushed me out.

When I woke up I was in the white cube where I’ve been ever since until today. There was another big muscular guy standing over me but he was different. He was naked except for a collar and totally hairless holding one of those painful truncheons in his hand, and he was a eunuch. When he saw my eyes had opened, he gave me a leering smile and said, “Welcome back hole, ready to be cut yet” and let out a sadistic laugh.
I began to cry and then they began to beat me again. .